A New Home

Change is the only constant in life. Since we were founded back in 2008, Toronto Kenjutsu has changed its home a few times. It’s always a disruption, but there is always value in “shedding your skin”. Such moments give us a chance to think about what we really want to carry with us, what’s most important to us, and what we can afford to leave behind.

In 2016 Toronto Kenjutsu said goodbye to the Eight Branches Healing Centre, where we have been for seven years. Eight Branches is a beautiful space, with a lovely energy to it, but it was not really designed with Katori Shinto Ryu practice in mind. A small dojo, with potted plants and some beautiful wall decorations, was simply never going to be a great place to practice, especially with the longer weapons such as the bo and the naginata.

Endo Shihan, Greg Sensei’s instructor.

In the past few years, as more and more students have graduated to such weapons, the limits of the space started to cramp our style.

I am pleased to say we have found a new home.

Starting in November of 2016, Toronto Kenjutsu will be practicing at the dojo of Naka Ima Aikikai, run by Sensei Greg Angus. Greg Sensei has been very welcoming to our practice and with his enthusiasm, along with the wonderful warmth of all his students, we are looking forward to training in their beautiful dojo.

Our new schedule is similar to our old schedule:

Monday at 9:00 PM

Wednesday at 9:00 PM

We may add other times if the scheduling works out with Naka Ima. Fees are not changing — students who wish to practice join the Naka Ima dojo and are able to practice Aikido as well if they wish. We are very grateful to Greg Sensei and his group for accommodating us so readily.

Our hope as we begin this new phase in Toronto Kenjutsu’s life is that we will have brought along with us everything needed for proper practice and learning, and that maybe a few of our bad habits have been left behind. At the very least, we won’t have to check over our shoulders every time we pull the bo backwards!

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