Master Sugino Yukihiro

Master Sugino Yukihiro is the current head instructor of the Sugino style of Katori Shinto Ryu. He and his father, Sugino Yoshio, were the direct instructors of Toronto Kenjutsu’s founder, Corey Reid. Mr Reid studied under both men for four years in Kawasaki, at their family dojo.

Sugino Sensei visits Canada once a year and is active in teaching Katori Shinto Ryu all around the world. He is a vigourous and demanding teacher who nevertheless inspires his students with his dedication and energy.

Mr Reid writes about Sugino Yukihiro Sensei:

One thing I have learned studying martial arts — or at least studying with teachers like Sugino Sensei in Japan and Skoyles Sensei in Calgary — is that correction is a gift, a gift that must be treasured and embraced and deeply considered. When Sugino Sensei comes running over and grabs my arm to pull it into the correct posture (usually laughing at my awkwardness as he does so), he is gifting me with his attention. And the attention and consideration of a man like Sensei is nothing to be treated casually. It is a rare and precious thing to be granted even a small portion of that experience.

Not only does Sensei know swordfighting (at least the form swordfighting takes within the Katori Shinto Ryu curricullum) inside-out, he also a gifted instructor, who knows just what change to make to a student’s stance so that they will understand a particular move better. With one adjustment of my right wrist Sensei completely changed my understanding of maku-uchi men, the basic overhead cut of Katori — the very first thing I ever learned at his dojo fourteen years ago.